World Domination!

Brain: Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky?

Pinky: I don’t know Brain, aren’t gherkins just little cucumbers?

Brain: No Pinky! It’s time to try take over the world!

And so begins our quest for world domination. We, your lovable online blogging celebs at MTB Shorts, have decided to infiltrate the world of Facebook. You can now join our official Facebook group and interact with fellow MTBers or fans of our senseless blog.

Come on, admit it! We know that besides our majestic site, you probably spend the rest of your working time stalking your exes or becoming a werewolf on FB.

So now, I urge you, our wonderful, beloved readers to join us on our quest for worldwide (web) domination. Come on, it’s easy – just click here and you can win a car *okay, okay I lied about that :) *

Marky Mark

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