World Cup 2009

Woohoo! Pietermaritzburg is finally ready for the first round of the 2009 Nissan UCI World Cup! Come April 10 – 12, South Africa is gonna show the world what we’re made of!

The technical team have been tweaking the 3 race courses, which are all ready for competition. However, over the next couple of months there might be a few minor changes, but nothing too drastic such as facelift.

I'm beautiful now!

I'm beautiful now!

Current XC World Champion Christoph Sauser is expected to land on our shores later on this month and test the terrains. Burry Stander and Greg Minnaar have already given it two thumbs up, but Sauser will be the first foreigner to experience the new course. Bring out the boerewors and biltong!

Christoph Sauser

Christoph Sauser

So don’t forget – the first round of the 2009 Nissan UCI World Cup will take place in Pietermaritzburg from April 10 – 12. Oh yeah, and it’s also proudly presented by Shimano (quick, give us some money for mentioning your name! Please….pretty please?).

Bandaged Jack

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