Wakey Wakey!

Peeps, I must really start waking up early if I want to catch the MiWay MTB shows on Supersport on CSN – they are on sooooooooooooo early in the morning, something like 5.30am?! Madness! It’s really pushing me to purchase DSTV for my flat *Hmm…maybe that’s their dastardly plan after all. You may ask who they are, but shhh…if you keep quiet, I’ll show you a dinosaur*

I really hate winter. I feel like such a slob. I don’t cycle, I struggle to lift my ass out of bed, and my nose is always blocked. I think it’s time that September rolls around, so I can wear my shorts again and show off my freshly shaved legs *oh yeah, it feels like the fingers of a thousand angels on my smooth legs right now*

But anyway, I’m glad that MTB has found its way onto the Channel of Champions. Now just to make a plan to watch it or PVR it…

P.S. I’m pissed off with a certain cellphone network for having absolutely no coverage for three hours yesterday. Do you know that because of them I missed out on a great invite for sushi? Do you know that in some countries people will kill for sushi? Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…I want sushi!

Marky Mark

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