Violence sucks

Hola peeps! Hope you are all wrapped up nice and warm today, and satisfied with your vote from yesterday – judging by this morning’s news; change seems to be on the horizon *woot woot*

handbagOn Tuesday night, I watched a sporting event on TV that left me extremely disturbed. Real Madrid was playing Getafe, and towards the end of the game, Madrid’s central defender Pepe went completely berserk and attacked his opponent with some lethal stamping and punching. 

As expected, he was given his marching orders by the ref, but jeez – it was a horrible sight to see! This prompted me to start thinking of any violent stories I’ve heard of in MTB, but I couldn’t recall ever hearing of any outright violence towards an opponent. I know Brandon Stewart and Kevin Evans had an incident in Barberton, earlier this year, but no one really knows what happened. However, both competitors still have their eyes and teeth, so I’m sure it was nothing more than some handbag flicking.

But really people, at the end of the day, it’s just a sport. Competition is healthy, but violence isn’t. I think guys like Pepe need to go practice yoga or something calmer for their central nervous system.

Marky Mark

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