Yikes! It seems this global recession is hitting everyone pretty hard! I just read the news that American rider, Katie Compton, has had to cancel a lot of her short term racing plans after losing her Spike Shooter sponsorship.

Compton said that it’s hard finding sponsorship in the middle of the racing season and even more so when there is just no money available. She’s barely making her basic living needs meet by coaching, never mind investing in racing.

Earlier this year, Compton won a UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup in Belgium and finished third at the UCI World Cyclo-Cross Championships *This just proves that her situation is not because of a lack of talent*

The sad thing is that recessions generally lead to depression and de-motivation because of other stresses associated with a lack of finance. It really sucks when you can’t follow your passion or dreams because of money. Even though I sometimes whine about my job, I gotta say I’m pretty lucky to just have one *I love you boss, please don’t fire me*

If anybody can help Katie out with sponsorship, contact her at kiwivelo@mac.com.

Marky Mark

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