Trash cycling

Alright, I’m allowed one major rant a year and this will be it! I’m sick to death of seeing cyclists dump their trash along the beautiful surroundings! The trails have started to look like junkyards – no wonder the godforsaken flies are constantly hovering around!

Spot the grass

Spot the grass

I know we’ve all probably chucked a chocolate wrapper or two out the window in our lives, but seriously people, it has to come to an end. There are just so many energy gel sachets and wrappers scattered all over the routes that it’s becoming a severe ecological problem. Sooner or later, society is going to start viewing cycling as an ecologically unfriendly activity and the sport will be disgraced or even worse.

I fully understand that cyclists don’t have onboard dustbins, but there have been certain measures put in place to combat this problem. The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour has launched its “Stash Your Trash” campaign, which encourages cyclists to keep their trash until they are able to dump it in the designated bins provided.

Stash your trash

Stash your trash

So come on people, let’s all work together and keep our country green and clean!

Bandaged Jack

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