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I’m sure a lot of you out there probably hate those crazy MTB enthusiast clubs that don’t drink, shave their legs, and generally behave like the cult of Satan. Well, have no fear, there is still hope for you normal people out there…

But firstly, I think I owe you all an apology. I have been slacking on my riding and I also haven’t been blogging as often as I should. I’m sorry peeps – things have been freaking nuts at work! The lady in accounts was retrenched last year so they’ve been shifting around our offices, and on and on and on. I promise I’ll try be more vigilant from now on.

Okay, down to business now.

If you live in Joburg and are keen on cycling, but more on a social level – Trailriding could be the place for you. Like it says on the website:

Trailriding is a Johannesburg social mountain bike club and welcomes all riders interested in mountain biking whether for fitness or leisure. We are a social group of professional individuals who are keen mountain bike enthusiasts but not fanatical super fit non beer drinkers. Our aim is enjoyment. If you shave your legs don’t call us.

Sounds like they have a sense of humour, I like them already :D

Remember peeps, MTB doesn’t have to be a rigid experience. It’s about having fun and if you ain’t fanatical – it’s really okay, you’ll still be welcome :)

If you’re interested in mountain biking socially, Trailriding may just be the social mountain biking club for you.

Okay, I love you. Buh-bye.

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