Trail Arguments with the Devil

Ugh! Somebody bring me coffee! I’m still not over Sunday…it was supposed to be Mother’s Day, but the devil-in-law managed to bring her own slice of hell into the home and ruin that too.

I really despise that woman!

Can you believe this? She knows absolutely nothing about mountain biking (yes, even less than me), but insists on arguing with me about it.

We were discussing the merits of trails and how South Africa has some of the best routes around for MTBers, when the devil piped up and said, “They’re all the same.”

I turned to her, in absolute shock, and cockily said, “Besides the scenery, conditions, ability levels, length, and layout – yeah, they are all the same.”

Noticing that she was losing the argument, the troll said, “Well, at the end of the day, if you cycle around the garden for a couple of kilometres, you’re doing the exact same thing…”

At this moment, Hubby grabbed the coffee mug I was about to throw at the old hag and sent me down to the shop to get “some more groceries” – it’s our special code for getting Wendy out the house before she kills the old bat.

The one thing I hate more than stupid people is ignorant people who think they know it all! Hiss! Hiss! Meow! Argh!

Wendy The Mom

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