Toyota MTN Bike Park Event

On Sunday 28 June, the posh suburb of Bryanston is going to get dirty with a full day of non-stop mountain bike racing at the Toyota MTN Bike Park.

This cross-country event will be open to all ages and will take competitors around the best-manicured single-track trails in the country. With every lap being 5.87km, expect to shed those unwanted kilos which we’ve all undoubtedly put on during this cold weather spell *Brrrrrrrrr*

The men’s Elite and Under-23 categories will do 8 laps, which should take approximately two hours to complete, while the women’s Elite and Under-23 categories will do 6 laps.

On racing day, the Toyota MTN Bike Park will be closed to other riders until the end of racing at approximately 15h30 – so you better make sure you enter the race if you want to ride.

Oh yeah and before I forget, Supercycling TV will be broadcasting highlights of the event, so put on your best smile and wave if they catch you on camera *Hi mom*

Further information can be found at

Are you going to enter? Let us know and maybe we’ll do a cover feature on you…

Marky Mark

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