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After competing at the recent Maxxis 08 Mountain Bike Marathon in Oudsthoorn (which I totally rocked out, I must add), I realised one thing – damn, it can get lonely without my iPod for 3 days and 297km and the only person in my head is me. I’m seriously thinking of approaching a record company and proposing to them that they release a ‘greatest cycling hits’ album. If they can release driving CDs, why can’t they make cycling ones?

This got me thinking, what would be my ultimate top 5 songs for a cycling run. Below is a list compiled by moi, feel free to plagiarise for your own albums, but please don’t download the songs – I don’t want Metallica to sue me.

5. Christina Aguilera – ‘Dirty’

What better song is there to get stuck in the mud with? You can lift your toosh off the saddle and shake it to Christina’s sexy voice. Dirty baby, yeah!

4. Europe – ‘Final Countdown’

Okay, forget all those corny New Year’s celebrations where you party till 00:00 with 80s rock. When you’re a couple of metres from the final stretch and you need to get reinvigorated, just start humming along with the cheesy keyboard riff. Do-do-do-do dodododo do!

3. Queen – ‘Under Pressure’

Yes, yes, I know Vanilla Ice stole the bass line from this song, but the original is still so much better. When you’re climbing up a steep uphill and your legs start turning to putty, nothing is better than Freddy to give you the slight lift required.

2. R Kelly – ‘I Believe I can fly’

All paedophile associations put aside, this song is still one that inspires us to the pinnacle of success. I still get goosebumps every time I remember seeing Michael Jordan slam-dunking a basket on Space Jam. Maybe, the next version of the song can be accompanied with a video montage of all my victories.

1. Westlife – ‘Flying Without Wings’

When your front wheel hits a boulder and your back wheel decides to levitate, you know the fall isn’t going to be pleasant. But why not look at the bright side of things, and join the birds in the sky – minus the wings and aerodynamics. Watch the video here

Ricky in Spandex

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