The most awesome custom bike of all time!

Wow! Oh man, it’s amazing! I want one of these! It’s a custom made bike known as the Naked Bicycle.

This fixed-gear bike has an authentic 1890s style wooden rims and grips, supercharged with 21st century hubs and brakes. Man, this must’ve been the ride that my dad was peddling when he was a kid *hehe, just kidding pops*

The Naked Bike was designed and built by Sam Whittingham, who also happened to pick up a cabinet full of awards for his design at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). Even Lance Armstrong bought one at the show!

I think I better start saving up if I ever want to get one of these. It will probably cost me my entire yearly salary *hint, hint to the boss. Give me a raise. Please. Pretty please*

Further Info
Naked Bike Website

Marky Mark

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