Wakey Wakey!

Peeps, I must really start waking up early if I want to catch the MiWay MTB shows on Supersport on CSN – they are on sooooooooooooo early in the morning, something like 5.30am?! Madness! It’s really pushing me to purchase DSTV for my flat *Hmm…maybe that’s their dastardly plan after all. You may ask who they are, but shhh…if you keep quiet, I’ll show you a dinosaur*

I really hate winter. I feel like such a slob. I don’t cycle, I struggle to lift my ass out of bed, and my nose is always blocked. I think it’s time that September rolls around, so I can wear my shorts again and show off my freshly shaved legs *oh yeah, it feels like the fingers of a thousand angels on my smooth legs right now*

But anyway, I’m glad that MTB has found its way onto the Channel of Champions. Now just to make a plan to watch it or PVR it…

P.S. I’m pissed off with a certain cellphone network for having absolutely no coverage for three hours yesterday. Do you know that because of them I missed out on a great invite for sushi? Do you know that in some countries people will kill for sushi? Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…I want sushi!

Marky Mark

MTB World Cup on TV

Alright, maybe for some reason beyond your control, you may have missed the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, in Pietermaritzburg. Firstly, shame on you – you should’ve been there no matter what. Secondly, never fear because Supersport is here!

wileSupersport will be airing two 30-minute specials on the event at the end of April and beginning of May. The first episode will be broadcast on 27 April at 21h00 on SS6. And the second episode will be shown on 5 May at 20h00 on SS5. For further info on repeats, click here.

I’m pretty happy that Supersport is finally getting involved in the whole MTB scene. It’s refreshing to see a sport besides soccer, rugby or tennis getting some decent coverage. Even there website is jam-packed with info about the whole cycling scene. Two sweaty thumbs up to the channel of champions!

Pointless trivia: did you know that over 16 000 tickets were sold at the MTB World Cup?

Ricky in Spandex

Falling Down

Wow! What a hectic weekend for the sport of cycling! I’m sure the road cyclists must’ve wished they were on a serene, scenic trail in George instead of participating at the blustery Cape Argus Cycle Challenge. It was really disturbing to see cyclists falling over in the howling winds of Cape Town. It really looked like a sadistic version of the game ‘Twister’.

In between one of the mandatory coffee breaks, hubby started blabbering to me that his friend at MultiChoice told him about some new show that is apparently going to be appearing on Supersport soon.

Hubby: I heard there’s going to be a new show on Supersport soon.

Me: Oh exciting. Is it a cycling show?

Hubby: Um…no. It’s actually a new rugby one.

Me: I would never have guessed, judging by how little rugby they show on that channel *note the sarcasm*

Hubby: Ja, it’s actually going to be hosted by Joost apparently.

Me: Really? Even after that sex scandal thing broke about him recently?

Hubby: Yup. Apparently the show’s going to be called ‘Hookers ‘n All’ haha.

Oh gosh, it was a corny joke, but I can’t lie – I did laugh a bit. That husband of mine can sometimes catch me off guard with his sense of humour :D

Wendy The Mom