Oh My Word!

I don’t know if I want to cry or scream for joy! After the news I just read, I couldn’t help but smile broadly like a Cheshire cat.

Recent figures released by the International Cycling Union (UCI) confirmed that the international broadcast time of the Pietermaritzburg round of the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, sponsored by DCM Chrome was a total of nearly 940 hours.

This broadcast time translates to an estimated global TV audience of 2.134 billion people in 188 countries!

Yes, you read that right! Not millions, but billions!

You do realise that this figure puts the MTB World Cup in the same league as other major sporting tournaments, such as Wimbledon, FIFA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup? Finally! MTB has hit the big time!

This is not only a crowning achievement for MTB, but also for the city of Pietermaritzburg, which hosted a fantastic event (big up PMB!). MTBers, I think we should take a bow because our sport is about to become the coolest thing since Nutella on toast!

Bandaged Jack

Nissan UCI MTB World Cup Round 4

The fourth round of the Nissan UCI MTB World Cup, presented by Shimano, happened this past Sunday in Madrid, Spain. Habla español? Si?

In the men’s section, World Cup leader Orbea’s Julien Absalon increased his lead at the top with a dominant win, but the real exciting part of the race was the fantastic four-way sprint for third place, which was won by Multivan Merida’s Moritz Milatz.

In the women’s event, Massi’s Marga Fullana also increased her lead in the overall standings with a win. However it was only four seconds ahead of 2008 World Champion, Maxxis-Rocky Mountain’s Marie-Helene Premont – talk about close, but no cigar!

The MTB races were happening thick and fast this weekend! I’m even struggling to type so fast – ouch! Frost bite! Damn you, winter!

The next round of the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup for the cross-country riders takes place in two months in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.

For full results of the Nissan UCI MTB World Cup, please visit www.uci.ch

Ricky in Spandex

Nissan UCI MTB World Cup Round 2

Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Steve Peat pulled out all the stops to record his 16th career victory in the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, at the second round in La Bresse, France. By doing so, Peat has matched the all time record set by French rider Nicolas Vouilloz and taken the lead in the World Cup standings.

Peat managed to take first place by 1.27 seconds from his closest competitor Sam Hill. Finishing up top three was GT Bicycles’ Mick Hannah. Our local boy, Greg Minnaar, was unfortunately found further down the field, yet he still managed to hold onto third place in the World Cup standings board.

In the ladies section, Maxxis – Rocky Mountain’s Sabrina Jonnier beat World Cup leader Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) by over 5 seconds to give the crowd a French win.

Wow, yesterday’s round sounded like a real explosive affair. I, myself, experienced a great result with my cycling club yesterday. I beat Fred by over 6 seconds, finished in first place, claimed my prize of a chutney boerewors roll, and didn’t injure myself for the first time this year – SCORE!

For full results of the Nissan UCI MTB World Cup, please visit www.uci.ch

Bandaged Jack


And the winners are…

Man, oh man! What a weekend of cycling! This last weekend was the greatest weekend of my life. Screw wedding photos or birth of kids, this weekend’s pics are going straight into my wallet!

The Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, sponsored by DCM Chrome in Pietermaritzburg, was beyond amazing. It provided the blood, sweat and gears which will be immortalised in the history of MTB.

beautiful2In the downhill men’s category, local Maritzburg boy, Greg Minnaar, kicked some major butt again to claim first place ahead of Michael Hannah and Steve Peat. In the downhill women’s category, Tracy Moseley celebrated her 30th birthday with a first place finish ahead of Emmeline Ragot and Sabrina Jonnier.

In the men’s cross-country event, Spaniard Jose Hermida took the honours ahead of Julien Absalon and South Africa’s own Burry Stander. In the ladies’ cross-country event, Elisabeth Osl finished top ahead of Irina Kalentieva and Lene Byberg.

For full detailed results of the MTB World Cup, please visit www.uci.ch.

If you were at the event, please share some stories with us. Tell us what you thought of it and if you’ll go attend another event in the future.

Ricky in Spandex

Reminder: MTB World Cup!

Just in case you forgot, the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, starts TODAY! If you ain’t in Pietermaritzburg yet, you better get your ass into gear, because from today till the 12th of April, the cycling world is going to be gathered in KZN for the event of the year.

MTBCome now! The minimum price for a ticket is only R30 – that’s so cheap, it’s almost a steal! What else you going to be doing over the long weekend? Listening to boring family stories around the fire again? Hey, hey, hey???

Stop with the excuses, get in your car or go to the airport and get to Pietermaritzburg, by any means necessary. Yes, I know the town is generally pretty dead, but this weekend will be the exception to the rule.

You can purchase tickets through the official event website at www.mtbworldcupsa.co.za as well as at the event itself.

P.S. If you see a guy riding with a cast on his arm – don’t laugh because that may be me!

P.P.S. Happy Easter or Pesach – choose whichever is applicable to you!

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Technical Difficulties

Alright peeps, let’s sort out some admin first. Some of you may have noticed that the site has been experiencing a lot of technical difficulties lately. We have recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7 *if you’re thinking about doing the same, well…DON’T!* and things haven’t really gone according to plan *server problems, coding, blah, blah*. Nonetheless, our technicians are working on the site, day and night WITHOUT any toilet breaks or food, to make it just perfect for you – our wonderful reader.

technicaldifficulties-758506However, on a positive note, the new site design is freaking awesome and given due course, MTB Shorts will be reclaiming its title as the nuttiest blog on the worldwide web!

Now down to business…

DCM Chrome seems to love South Africa, because they are getting more and more involved with the MTB scene than any other manufacturer around *very nice!*

They already sponsor one of the top professional MTB racing teams in the country and now they have also become the main sponsor of the Nissan UCI World Cup, presented by Shimano. How cool is that?

And just to prove that they aren’t any Mickey Mouse manufacturer, they also happen to be the personal sponsors of current cross-country world champion, Christoph Sauser *oooh shiny*

MTB just seems to be getting better and better. Wish I could say the same about the Joke *cough, cough* I mean Cokefest – can anyone say refund?

Marky Mark

Gee Atherton

Wow! The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, from 10-12 April, is just getting better and better. It has now been confirmed that men’s downhill champion and current world #1, Gee Atherton will also be competing at this prestigious event.

The 24 year old Briton, Gee *his real name is George, but I’d also hide my real name if I was called that* is going to be competing for honours in rival, Greg Minnaar’s own backyard, Pietermaritzburg. And just to make sure he has an advantage, he will be bringing along his siblings, Rachel and Dan – who also happen to race for the Animal Commencal team – as his support.  

It’s like Greg Minnaar is going to be up against the Mario Bros…and now a sister too, I guess haha.

Guys and gals, seriously if you haven’t purchased tickets for the MTB World Cup, what are you waiting for? Wonka bars with golden tickets? Head on over to www.mtbworldcupsa.co.za now to purchase tickets and find out general info about the event.

Marky Mark

MTB World Cup

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, is almost upon us! From 10-12 April, Pietermaritzburg better prepare itself for a cycling extravaganza that is going to rock South Africa like never before!

The best part about the MTB World Cup is that it’s going to be held over the Easter weekend, so it’s officially public holiday time and everyone can come down and watch. Forget about the stupid Jokefest, with boring bands like Snoring Patrol and Pillow For My Valentine, rather spend a minimum of R30 and watch the supreme cycling event of the year. You’re gonna be able to get up close and see some of the top cyclists in the world in action.

So you better hurry up and get tickets, because they are selling out like chocolate cake at fat camp.

You can purchase tickets through the official event website at www.mtbworldcupsa.co.za as well as at the event itself.

It’s going to be a skill, speed, and power frenzied affair! I can’t wait for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup!

Bandaged Jack

Days of our Mountain Bikes Part 12

Like howling Cape Town winds and fake heart attacks in jail, so are the days of our mountain bikes…

In today’s episode of Days of our Mountain Bikes titled ‘Who You Gonna Call?’, Mike moves in with Julia and it’s happy times again as he cycles around on his new Shimano bike. However, the spirit of his mother appears once more – ghosts are so easy to have as call actors – to warn him that Julia may not be entirely what she seems. Will Mike heed the advice of the ghost or will he call Ghostbusters and let them sort out this spirit problem?

Whitney can’t stop thinking about Tobias and how close she was to him – she could almost smell his musky, sailor scent. She decides to take her mind off things by flipping through a cycling magazine. She stops when she sees an ad of spandex shorts, and low and behold – the model is Tobias! Whitney takes down the company’s details and does the most logical thing any human being would do – she looks for them on Facebook! To her shock and dismay, the company is not listed on Facebook. What will Whitney do? Will Tobias ever show his face again? 

Hel-Met sends Diana a postcard of him competing at the Cape Argus. Diana looks at the postcard and sees the little boy flying off his bike, but most importantly, looking happy as he sails over the trees. Diana sheds a tear how much her ex-child has grown. Will Diana respond to Hel-Met’s card or will she just drown herself in her sorrows and go shopping for new cycling shoes?

*Enter cheesy Barry Manilow type of music*

Stay tuned to what happens next in the Days of our Mountain Bikes!

*Fade to commercial on Champions League soccer, because we all know Man Utd is going to win tonight*

Wendy The Mom