Freaking Hectic!

I’ve just read an article on the Metro website about how a mountain bike has actually helped solve a murder case!

On 22 August 2007, an 11-year-old boy, Rhys Jones, was caught in the crossfire between members of Liverpool gang the Nogga Dogz and the opposing Crocky Crew gang. Jones was hit by a stray bullet and died instantly. One of the members of the gang was alleged to have fled the scene on a silver Specialized Hardrock mountain bike.

Six months later, the mountain bike was found and handed over to the police, which contained the DNA of the accused Sean Mercer. Interestingly enough, the bicycle was found less than 250 yards from the place that Mercer and several of his co-accused allegedly visited hours after Jones’s murder.

Mercer has said that he had bought himself a new bicycle after his previous one was stolen. However, it still met the same description as the bicycle used to flee the crime scene and contained his DNA.

Your DNA can't lie

Your DNA can't lie

Earlier this year, the court found Mercer guilty and sentenced him, along with some of his accomplices. His mother may also face charges due to her intentionally misleading the police about the mountain bike her son used to cycle from the scene of Jones’ murder.

One interesting thing I’d like to point out is that it seems like the justice systems are not only flawed in South Africa, but all around the world. It took nearly a year and a half to convict criminals of their crimes! And some of them are only serving 5 years for their involvement, WTF! I understand there are processes and all, but is it human to make the poor victim’s family suffer for that long, while the courts determine the outcome? It’s sickening!

Read the original article here.

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