Improving MTB locally

The African MTB association has been at it again, by vigorously pursuing an organised approach to trail advocacy. Basically, they are looking at improving MTB trails in the country – this will include looking at issues such as mobility, health, safety and illegal dumping.

By doing this, it also have a positive impact on the number of riders that sign up for events. Think about it – There’s nothing worse than hitting a trail, having an ice-cream packet smack you in your face, and then smash into a pile of rubbish while you hold your trash covered leg in agony. MTBers will definitely approach more events if they know that they’re safe.

AMA Riders are calling on you to help identify ‘hotspots’ and report it to them at Look at things such as fencing, natural and man-made obstacles, illegal activities and dumping.

Visit or their Facebook group for further information.

Ricky in Spandex

Splattered brains

Well the devil-in-law, or should I say troll-in-law, came for her monthly visit (and the routine suck-the-soul-out-of-Wendy ritual) this past weekend.

Needless to say, she managed to irritate me once again for the billionth time. Here’s what happened…

Devil: Oh Wendy, I must tell you that I saw the loveliest cycling helmet for children yesterday…

Me: Oh really? Where? What brand were they? Giro? Met?

Devil: None of those fancy shmancy brands, dear. They were these beautiful ones imprinted with stars and butterflies.

Me: Hmmm…I’ve never seen any of those at the cycle shop. Helmets should really be of high quality in case you fall – wouldn’t want brains to be splattered on the floor.

Devil:  Don’t be so dramatic, dear. The Asian gentlemen at the store assured me they were safe and of high quality.

Me: What store are you talking about?

Devil: The fleamarket. Those helmets were really a steal at that price.

I sighed. People, please please please, don’t buy low quality helmets for your children! Even if they look cute, make sure that they are a recognised brand and have the essential safety features. All superior helmets should have a quality guarantee sticker or card, and listing of all the safety features.

I had to learn the hard way! Remember that WWE helmet we bought for Mikey a few months ago? A piece of crap! Luckily he didn’t split his head open when he fell on the grass!

Wendy The Mom