Never say never, Evans eyes 2011 DCM Cape Pioneer Trek

“Never again.”

This is what Kevin Evans (360Life) said last year after he had finished the first stage of the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.

“It was just not fun. The racing was extremely hard and I could not see the point in punishing myself so late in the season. I phoned my teammate, David George, and told him that if there was one race we would not do in 2011, it was the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek,” Evans explained.

But, as the saying goes “never say never”.  Much can change in a short period of time and that is exactly what happened.

After stage three Evans made a 360° turn-about in regard to his continued participation in the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.

“I again phoned David and told him that if there was one race we would definitely do in 2011 it was the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek.”

Asked about the reason for this dramatic change of mind, Evans said that he began to realize that he was competing in a really unique event.

“Every year I compete in many races around the world. The DCM Cape Pioneer Trek is the only event in which the needs of the riders always come first.

“Henco Rademeyer and Carel Herholdt and their Dryland Event Management Team go out of their way to make the six days of racing a unique experience.

“What is also special about the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek is that it is not just about winning. Don’t get me wrong!  During every stage the racing is hard, but the suffering becomes bearable because of the camaraderie that develops among all the riders.
“I really enjoyed the “kuier” after every stage when the top riders and the fun riders swapped their ‘war stories’. I don’t always get the opportunity to spend time with my supporters.”

About their goals for the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek, Evans said that an overall victory was not their main priority.

“I think our approach will be much the same as that of Christopher Sauser, the marathon world champion.  We want to enjoy ourselves, but if the opportunity should arise to win a stage we would certainly go for it.

“What will be important during the six days of racing will be to test our equipment to get an idea of what we should use during next year’s Cape Epic. It certainly helps that we will be racing on some of the same routes that have been used for the Epic.”


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Photo Credit: ZOON CRONJE

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MTN Induna

This weekend, Hazyview was thrilled with MTB action as Round 3 of the 2009 MTN National Mountain Bike Series, The Induna Ultra-Marathon, took place!


In the men’s race, South African marathon champion, MTN Energade’s Kevin Evans, got his National Series title defence back on track when he claimed first place with a time of 4:35:35, ahead of Team Garmin Adidas’ Marc Bassingthwaighte (4:36:33) and Mannie Heymans (4:36:39). The result allows Evans to extend his lead in the series, which he hopes to defend successfully.


In the women’s event, Marsilio Projects’ Ischen Stopforth won her first ever National Series event victory in 3:44:39. Garmin Adidas’ Samantha Oosthuizen (3:56:07) took second place and Amoryn Saayman (4:06:56) rounded up the final podium place.


In the 45km MiWay Half-marathon, James Reid and Caitlin de Wet took the men and women’s title respectively.

Well done to everyone!

Round 4 of the MTN National Marathon Series, The Dirty Harry, will take place on Saturday, 8 August, in Harrismith. The event will also double up as the 2009 National Marathon Championships.

P.S. I just started watching Family Guy, brilliant series LOL

Ricky in Spandex

Violence sucks

Hola peeps! Hope you are all wrapped up nice and warm today, and satisfied with your vote from yesterday – judging by this morning’s news; change seems to be on the horizon *woot woot*

handbagOn Tuesday night, I watched a sporting event on TV that left me extremely disturbed. Real Madrid was playing Getafe, and towards the end of the game, Madrid’s central defender Pepe went completely berserk and attacked his opponent with some lethal stamping and punching. 

As expected, he was given his marching orders by the ref, but jeez – it was a horrible sight to see! This prompted me to start thinking of any violent stories I’ve heard of in MTB, but I couldn’t recall ever hearing of any outright violence towards an opponent. I know Brandon Stewart and Kevin Evans had an incident in Barberton, earlier this year, but no one really knows what happened. However, both competitors still have their eyes and teeth, so I’m sure it was nothing more than some handbag flicking.

But really people, at the end of the day, it’s just a sport. Competition is healthy, but violence isn’t. I think guys like Pepe need to go practice yoga or something calmer for their central nervous system.

Marky Mark

Making History

So the ABSA Cape Epic is underway and it’s going to be fast and frantic in the next couple of days as the competitors attempt to write their names into the history books.

Locally, the South African team of Kevin Evans and David George, as well as the team of Brandon Stewart and Max Knox, will attempt to become the first ever South African team to win the ABSA Cape Epic.

Realistically, these local competitors have what it takes to get into the history books and make a name for themselves, because they certainly aren’t lacking talent or determination. I’m sure the bling and strippers will soon follow hehehehe

I’m sure they’ll be burning up Table Mountain as they come around. Oops, shouldn’t have said the word ‘burn’, since some pyromaniac idiot decided that Cape Town needed less beauty and set it alight.

Regardless, let’s get behind our local teams and hope they bring us all success!

Ricky in Spandex