Burry x7!

Yolande Speedy wasn’t the only winner this past weekend, Burry Stander of Team Mr Price Specialized powered his way to a seventh-successive national title at the Pro-Elite Men’s race at the MTN South African Cross-country mountain bike championships in George on Saturday.

mtn-logoStander finished the race more than 7 minutes ahead of his closest competitor Marc Bassingthwaighte of Team Garmin Adidas and completely dominated all proceedings. It’s amazing to note that he is also the current Under-23 World Cup Champion and also managed to retain his national Under-23 title after his victory.

I have been arguing with Jack that the bike Stander uses, the dual suspension Specialized S-Works, is the way of the future. And Stander pretty much confirmed my sentiments in an interview by saying he has the edge of his competitors because he is used to riding dual suspension bikes (so nah, nah, nah, nah, blah Jack!).

I think Greg Minnaar better start looking over his shoulder very soon, because Stander has been putting in performance after performance and is just getting better and better after every race. Keep your eyes on this guy! He may just not have enough room in his trophy cabinet by the end of this year.

Ricky in Spandex

Speedy Gonzalez

The oddly named Yolande Speedy of IMC Racing Momentum overcame all challengers to grab the gold at the MTN National Cross-country mountain bike championships in George on Saturday.

yourockThe Beijing Olympian notched up an impressive victory over her nearest competitor Erica Green, who was participating in this event as a warm-up to the ABSA Cape Epic. This victory also handed Speedy the national Elite women’s title.

However, I think that it’s pretty freaking impressive that the 38-year-old Erica Green is still performing at such a high level and I’m definitely curious to see what she does at the Epic in April.

Nonetheless, let’s not take anything away from Speedy Gonzalez – she did a pretty impressive job finishing the race with a time of 1:48:46. So take your sombreros off and salute the new champion. Eepa eepa eepa undulay undulay! She no Slowpoke Rodriquez :)  

Ricky in Spandex

Falling Down

Wow! What a hectic weekend for the sport of cycling! I’m sure the road cyclists must’ve wished they were on a serene, scenic trail in George instead of participating at the blustery Cape Argus Cycle Challenge. It was really disturbing to see cyclists falling over in the howling winds of Cape Town. It really looked like a sadistic version of the game ‘Twister’.

In between one of the mandatory coffee breaks, hubby started blabbering to me that his friend at MultiChoice told him about some new show that is apparently going to be appearing on Supersport soon.

Hubby: I heard there’s going to be a new show on Supersport soon.

Me: Oh exciting. Is it a cycling show?

Hubby: Um…no. It’s actually a new rugby one.

Me: I would never have guessed, judging by how little rugby they show on that channel *note the sarcasm*

Hubby: Ja, it’s actually going to be hosted by Joost apparently.

Me: Really? Even after that sex scandal thing broke about him recently?

Hubby: Yup. Apparently the show’s going to be called ‘Hookers ‘n All’ haha.

Oh gosh, it was a corny joke, but I can’t lie – I did laugh a bit. That husband of mine can sometimes catch me off guard with his sense of humour :D

Wendy The Mom