Speedy Gonzalez

The oddly named Yolande Speedy of IMC Racing Momentum overcame all challengers to grab the gold at the MTN National Cross-country mountain bike championships in George on Saturday.

yourockThe Beijing Olympian notched up an impressive victory over her nearest competitor Erica Green, who was participating in this event as a warm-up to the ABSA Cape Epic. This victory also handed Speedy the national Elite women’s title.

However, I think that it’s pretty freaking impressive that the 38-year-old Erica Green is still performing at such a high level and I’m definitely curious to see what she does at the Epic in April.

Nonetheless, let’s not take anything away from Speedy Gonzalez – she did a pretty impressive job finishing the race with a time of 1:48:46. So take your sombreros off and salute the new champion. Eepa eepa eepa undulay undulay! She no Slowpoke Rodriquez :)  

Ricky in Spandex

Even more Epic news

Just the other day I reported on the Swiss team of Urs Huber and Thomas Zahn that will be competing at the ABSA Cape Epic, and now another two big names have been confirmed as well :D

Erica Green and Willie Engelbrecht have combined forces, cycling not as part of Team Absa but also for South Africa’s sports and education charity, the JAG Foundation. Green is already one of South Africa’s most prominent cycling athletes and is riding the Epic for the third year in a row – this woman’s a machine I’m telling you!

So watch out for these two riders as they go about conquering the dangerous trails of the Cape.

It sucks that I’ve been in bed the whole week with a broken toe and the flu from hell. All I’ve done is play Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 on my Playstation 3. It’s actually quite a decent game. I’ve created a wrestler known as The Cyclist – complete with all the gear :) he’s almost in line for a title shot, so hold thumbs that I’ll be kicking Triple H’s ass at Wrestlemania in a submission match.

Bandaged Jack