MTB World Cup on TV

Alright, maybe for some reason beyond your control, you may have missed the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, in Pietermaritzburg. Firstly, shame on you – you should’ve been there no matter what. Secondly, never fear because Supersport is here!

wileSupersport will be airing two 30-minute specials on the event at the end of April and beginning of May. The first episode will be broadcast on 27 April at 21h00 on SS6. And the second episode will be shown on 5 May at 20h00 on SS5. For further info on repeats, click here.

I’m pretty happy that Supersport is finally getting involved in the whole MTB scene. It’s refreshing to see a sport besides soccer, rugby or tennis getting some decent coverage. Even there website is jam-packed with info about the whole cycling scene. Two sweaty thumbs up to the channel of champions!

Pointless trivia: did you know that over 16 000 tickets were sold at the MTB World Cup?

Ricky in Spandex

Very Nice!

Just the other day, Marky reported that DCM Chrome is investing a lot into the MTB scene locally, and that things are only looking brighter on the dirt side of life. And just to prove how lucky our local scene is, just listen to this story…

The Astana team, which sponsors top road cyclists like Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador, has recently suffered a major financial crisis (the same one that we are all experiencing and loath) where they’ve not been able to pay their cyclists a salary for the last month. There were even whispers in the cycling world that the team might disband due to a shortage of funds.

However, just yesterday the Kazakhstan cycling federation (I laughed too, don’t worry) confirmed that they would be able to pay salaries once more, after they finally received money owing to them by their sponsors.

Still, this just proves how lucky SA is to be getting such an injection of interest and capital from outside sponsors. I mean, if Lance Armstrong isn’t getting paid, then jeepers, we’re really lucky to be seeing any money!

I pity you road cyclists.

MTB Shorts is number one in all Kazakhstan! Very nice! I like!

Bandaged Jack

Some Fun for the Day

I know many of us have been pretty stressed lately, so I’ve decided to lighten up everyone’s mood with an MTB motivational poster and two lame jokes LOL.

This will have all of you in stitches.

HAHAHAHA my friend Jake is going to kill himself laughing with this one. We always joke that cyclists are like junkies with their energy gels and bars.

Now for joke no. 1…

Q: Why did the bicycle fall over?

A: It was two tired.

LOL That was corny as hell. Haha here is the next one…

A man came back from a long business trip to find that his son had a new $300 mountain bike.
“How’d you get that, son?”

“By hiking.”


“Yeah, every night, Mom’s boss came over and gave me $20 to take a hike.”


Remember peeps, smile…it’s the best anti-stress remedy! And please feel free to add links to funny stuff in the comments box too! Luvyabuhbye!

PS Who saw Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal last night against Porto? Oh my word! Love him or hate him, it was probably one of the best goals I’ve ever seen in my life!

Marky Mark

And the winners are…

Man, oh man! What a weekend of cycling! This last weekend was the greatest weekend of my life. Screw wedding photos or birth of kids, this weekend’s pics are going straight into my wallet!

The Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, sponsored by DCM Chrome in Pietermaritzburg, was beyond amazing. It provided the blood, sweat and gears which will be immortalised in the history of MTB.

beautiful2In the downhill men’s category, local Maritzburg boy, Greg Minnaar, kicked some major butt again to claim first place ahead of Michael Hannah and Steve Peat. In the downhill women’s category, Tracy Moseley celebrated her 30th birthday with a first place finish ahead of Emmeline Ragot and Sabrina Jonnier.

In the men’s cross-country event, Spaniard Jose Hermida took the honours ahead of Julien Absalon and South Africa’s own Burry Stander. In the ladies’ cross-country event, Elisabeth Osl finished top ahead of Irina Kalentieva and Lene Byberg.

For full detailed results of the MTB World Cup, please visit

If you were at the event, please share some stories with us. Tell us what you thought of it and if you’ll go attend another event in the future.

Ricky in Spandex

Reminder: MTB World Cup!

Just in case you forgot, the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, starts TODAY! If you ain’t in Pietermaritzburg yet, you better get your ass into gear, because from today till the 12th of April, the cycling world is going to be gathered in KZN for the event of the year.

MTBCome now! The minimum price for a ticket is only R30 – that’s so cheap, it’s almost a steal! What else you going to be doing over the long weekend? Listening to boring family stories around the fire again? Hey, hey, hey???

Stop with the excuses, get in your car or go to the airport and get to Pietermaritzburg, by any means necessary. Yes, I know the town is generally pretty dead, but this weekend will be the exception to the rule.

You can purchase tickets through the official event website at as well as at the event itself.

P.S. If you see a guy riding with a cast on his arm – don’t laugh because that may be me!

P.P.S. Happy Easter or Pesach – choose whichever is applicable to you!

Bandaged Jack

Technical Difficulties

Alright peeps, let’s sort out some admin first. Some of you may have noticed that the site has been experiencing a lot of technical difficulties lately. We have recently upgraded to WordPress 2.7 *if you’re thinking about doing the same, well…DON’T!* and things haven’t really gone according to plan *server problems, coding, blah, blah*. Nonetheless, our technicians are working on the site, day and night WITHOUT any toilet breaks or food, to make it just perfect for you – our wonderful reader.

technicaldifficulties-758506However, on a positive note, the new site design is freaking awesome and given due course, MTB Shorts will be reclaiming its title as the nuttiest blog on the worldwide web!

Now down to business…

DCM Chrome seems to love South Africa, because they are getting more and more involved with the MTB scene than any other manufacturer around *very nice!*

They already sponsor one of the top professional MTB racing teams in the country and now they have also become the main sponsor of the Nissan UCI World Cup, presented by Shimano. How cool is that?

And just to prove that they aren’t any Mickey Mouse manufacturer, they also happen to be the personal sponsors of current cross-country world champion, Christoph Sauser *oooh shiny*

MTB just seems to be getting better and better. Wish I could say the same about the Joke *cough, cough* I mean Cokefest – can anyone say refund?

Marky Mark

German efficiency at the MTN SA Cup

Zee Germans are coming! Zee Germans are coming! Aaah, you gotta love Jason Statham in Snatch, just for that saying.

mtn-logoThe invasion started this weekend with Topeak Ergon’s 34-year-old German racer, Wolfram Kurschat, beating all in his path to win the fourth round of the MTN National Mountain Bike Cup in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

Kurschat’s performance was even more impressive considering that he started in 11th place and managed to overtake world-class competitors, such as Burry Stander, Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel.

Spain’s Jose Hermida finished in second place, just one podium place ahead of South Africa’s Burry Stander. Current World Champion Christoph Sauser could only manage a tenth place finish after suffering two punctures – ouch!

Consider this event as a warm-up for the MTB World Cup this weekend. I’m not even going to ask if you have tickets already…because if you’re a true cycling fan, you’ll be there – no questions asked.

Bandaged Jack

Interview with Ralph Wiggum

Somehow, we managed to score an interview with The Simpsons’ resident oddball, Ralph Wiggum. Apparently, Ralph loves to cycle. Be warned, this interview may be hazardous to your brain…

Mark: Hi Ralph, welcome to MTB Shorts.
Ralph: Hello. Where is cycling mommy?

Mark: Err…do you mean Wendy?
Ralph: Yes, she’s nice. She smells like unicorns.

Mark: Um…okay then. So Ralph, do you enjoy mountain biking?
Ralph: I love fountain hiking. It’s wet just like my bed!

Mark: No, mountain biking.
Ralph: I’m Ralph. Who are you?

Mark: Ralph, it’s me – Mark. Remember?
Ralph: Hello Mark. Choo-Choo!

Mark: Okay Ralph, do you like bicycles?
Ralph: Yes. I ride over rainbows, where I find the leprechaun that tells me to burn things.

*Ralph stops talking for a moment and then nods his head a few times*

Mark: What colour is your bicycle, Ralph?
Ralph: It’s red. It’s the colour my mommy gets when I get carsick on her carpet.

Mark: Um…alright Ralph, we are done. You can go home?
Ralph: I thought this was my house. Argh! Stranger danger! Stranger danger!

PLEASE NOTE: This interview is entirely false, because we all know that Ralph Wiggum is a figment of Matt Groening’s imagination.

Marky Mark

Days of our Mountain Bikes Part 15

Like the annoying election ads and never-ending twists on soap operas, so are the days of our mountain bikes…

In today’s episode of Days of our Mountain Bikes titled ‘April Fool’s Massacre’, Mike discovers Julia’s shrine and can’t believe that she has cut up his favourite cycling shorts for her rituals. He immediately leaves the house and heads down to Pick’n’Pay to buy disinfectant for himself. After all, who knows what sort of germs those satanic rituals can bring you? Will Mike evict Julia from his life or will he be doomed to be her slave?  

bobradyWhitney helps Tobias get home from the pub. He is too drunk to confess his feelings for her and stumbles out of the car, where he throws up and passes out on the driveway. Whitney grabs the hosepipe and hoses down the driveway and Tobias. Will Whitney stay with him until he’s sober or will she vanish into the wind?

Diana registers Hel-Met with a cycling club and he begins his training for the mini MTB World Cup. His coach cannot believe how fast and aggressive he is and labels him immediately as the Terminator. Will Hel-Met win the mini MTB World Cup?

*Enter cheesy music*

Stay tuned to what happens next in the Days of our Mountain Bikes!

*Fade to commercial on KFC’s latest dung burger*

P.S. You just won a million dollars for visiting our site! Haha, April Fool’s!

Wendy The Mom

WWE Cycling Helmet

A while ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a Scooby Doo bike for my eldest son, Michael, and couldn’t find one in South Africa. Well, this weekend, Hubby and I decided to take him to Toyzone to pick out a bike.

As expected, he ended up lost in the action figure section and we couldn’t drag him away without putting a Transformer toy in the shopping basket. However, it was in this section that I saw the cutest accessory for children – a red WWE themed cycling helmet.

hulkhoganMichael went nuts when he saw it and started doing some weird impersonation of a wrestler by shaking his hand in front of his face and saying, “You can’t see me!”

I replied, “You’re right in front of me, dear. I can see you!”

We ended up buying the helmet and a little blue bike for him. Hopefully, the cycling helmet is safe. After seeing all the wrestling carnage on TV, I assumed that they probably used a chair-shot as a testing basis for all their products, so it must be pretty solid.

Oh yes, and just to prove that boys never grow up – Hubby also came home with a new Formula 1 model car. Sigh.

Wendy The Mom