Build a relationship with your cycle shop

Last week, Fred stupidly reversed over his bike while it was in the garage. Just imagine this: a huge Hummer vs. a tiny Merida bike…the winner is very obvious. Anyhow, Fred was rather upset about it because we had our annual ‘best friends’ race on Saturday, and at this stage, his bike was beyond repair – it looked more like a Transformer robot stuck in a sad morphing stage! 

After wiping the tears from his eyes and the snot from his lip, he took out the phone and called his local cycling shop. In an unexpected turn in the Era of Bad Customer Service, the store managed to organise him a similar bike (and set up too) in just 24 hours! Fred couldn’t believe the amount of effort the guys put into helping him and in such record time.

Needless to say, Fred managed to make the event and even grabbed second place, just a couple of seconds behind me…the champion!

Kids, the moral of the story is that connections are really important. Remember these key points which will help you build a better rapport with your cycling shop:

  • Visit regularly, even if it’s just to buy a magazine or stupid accessories for your bike.
  • Make sure they know about your set up.
  • Ask for their advice.
  • Support them. At the end of the day, one hand washes the other. 
  • Friendliness goes a long way!

Bandaged Jack

Sideshow Bob

Yesterday, I decided to head down to my local cycle shop to buy a new pair of gloves. My last ones were completely shredded after a tumble on the weekend. Moral of the story: don’t buy anything from Sportsman’s Warehouse!

I walked up to the counter where I saw a new dreadlocked employee, who looked a lot like Sideshow Bob – yellow, reddish brown hair and definitely a stoner.


Me: Hi. Could you perhaps help me find a new pair of gloves?

Sideshow Bob: Err…hi. Um…there lots of gloves on the shelf over there.

The shelves he pointed to were the ones containing ointment for blisters and sore feet.

Me: Ya…well, I kinda do need help, because I’m not so sure which gloves are the best.

Sideshow Bob: Err…they are all good quality ma’am.

Butthead was really starting to piss me off.

Me: Yes, I know. But I really NEED help in finding a decent pair. Can you maybe call someone else to help me.

Sideshow Bob: Err…

At that moment, I really expected him to say, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I please take your order?”

Me: Ag never mind…

I left the shop after that. I can’t believe the customer service industry in this country! It just gets worse and worse. Oh and by the way, never order a washing machine for delivery either. They can never tell when they’ll be able to deliver it – you must just be home all day. Best part – they don’t pitch up at all. Grrrrr….

Wendy The Mom