Falling Down

Wow! What a hectic weekend for the sport of cycling! I’m sure the road cyclists must’ve wished they were on a serene, scenic trail in George instead of participating at the blustery Cape Argus Cycle Challenge. It was really disturbing to see cyclists falling over in the howling winds of Cape Town. It really looked like a sadistic version of the game ‘Twister’.

In between one of the mandatory coffee breaks, hubby started blabbering to me that his friend at MultiChoice told him about some new show that is apparently going to be appearing on Supersport soon.

Hubby: I heard there’s going to be a new show on Supersport soon.

Me: Oh exciting. Is it a cycling show?

Hubby: Um…no. It’s actually a new rugby one.

Me: I would never have guessed, judging by how little rugby they show on that channel *note the sarcasm*

Hubby: Ja, it’s actually going to be hosted by Joost apparently.

Me: Really? Even after that sex scandal thing broke about him recently?

Hubby: Yup. Apparently the show’s going to be called ‘Hookers ‘n All’ haha.

Oh gosh, it was a corny joke, but I can’t lie – I did laugh a bit. That husband of mine can sometimes catch me off guard with his sense of humour :D

Wendy The Mom