Nissan UCI MTB World Cup Round 3

Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Steve Peat (teammate of local hero Greg Minnaar) has finally beaten French rider Nicolas Vouilloz’s record with his 17th career victory!

At the downhill event in the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup third round, in Vallnord, Andorra – MTB history was made when Peat took victory only two-hundredths of a second ahead of current world champion, Animal-Commencal’s Gee Atherton.

In the women’s event, Maxxis-Rocky Mountain’s Sabrina Jonnier took her second consecutive downhill World Cup win, and overtook Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) for the overall lead in the women’s series.

Not taking anything away from the other winners, but I think this weekend definitely belonged to Steve Peat, who broke a remarkable record. Congratulations from everyone here at MTB Shorts!

For full results of the Nissan UCI MTB World Cup, please visit

Ricky in Spandex

Auspicious Autumn

I was staring out the window yesterday and I came to this marvellous conclusion – autumn has to be the most beautiful season.

Watching the leaves fall to the ground and the melancholic sun in the sky is truly one of nature’s greatest achievements and creations.

I also believe that autumn is the best season to go cycle, because the temperature cools (not below freezing) and allows you to enjoy your experience, instead of gagging for the next sip of water or Energade.

I know Ricky will probably argue with me on this one and say that winter is actually the ideal cycling weather, but I don’t know – there’s something about autumn which just sparks me to life.

However, don’t even talk to me about spring! My hayfever goes through the roof and I spend more time spraying medicine up my nose than I do on my bike!

So why don’t you tell us, what is your favourite cycling season?

Bandaged Jack

Giro in Tatters

Wow! Seems like the prestigious Giro d’Italia is turning into quite the joke this year. The ninth stage of the event in Milan has seen the classifications being annulled because of riders protest over safety.

Spain’s Pedro Horrillo Munoz was seriously injured after falling down a ravine on Saturday’s stage and had to be hoisted into a helicopter, prompting riders to decide the 163 km city centre course was too dangerous.

The riders partook in the ninth stage, but at a leisurely pace – chatting and enjoying each other’s company without straining themselves. Thereby, embarrassing the organisers and causing a mockery of the ninth stage.

As a fellow cyclist I am disappointed by these recent events as it puts the glorious sport of cycling in such a bad light. I put the blame firmly on the organisers and the riders. Surely, there should be more concerns of safety and a better way of protesting than just making a mockery of an illustrious event.

Ricky in Spandex

My Shimano

It’s time to put a smile on everyone’s face with our latest cycling song. Man, MTB Shorts could release a CD compilation soon LOL.

Sung to the beat of The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’:


Ooh my little pretty bike, pretty bike;
When you gonna give me some climb, Shimano?
Ooh you make my legs work, my legs work;
Gun it comin’ off the line Shimano;
Never gonna stop, no giving up;
Such a fancy bike. Always get it up for the touch
of the dirty track. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Shimano…

Come a little faster huh, ah will ya huh;
Close enough to Burry Stander, Shimano;
Keeping it cross-country gets to me;
Running down the length of the finish line, Shimano;
Never gonna stop, no giving up;
Such a fancy bike. Always get it up for the touch
of the dirty track. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Shimano…

Bandaged Jack

Days of our Mountain Bikes Part 21

Like handbags being thrown around in parliament and Maccy D’s using processed rat meat, so are the days of our mountain bikes…

In today’s episode of Days of our Mountain Bikes titled ‘All in the Family’, Mike changes cellphone numbers to avoid Julian. He then decides to hide in the closet at his bicycle shop, while Julian searches the town for him. Why is Julian obsessed with finding Mike? Will Mike come out of the closet, literally?

Tobias begins to teach his son, David, how to ride a bike. While it brings father and son together, it doesn’t fill the void left in his heart by Whitney. Tobias doesn’t want to live in a world where father and daughter can’t get married like ordinary people. Will Whitney make an appearance again or is Tobias doomed to live his life without his daughter/lover?

Diana’s husband, Petro, returns after a long vacation in Russia. He is left in complete disbelief over the events which have occurred whilst he was gone. Just who is Hel-Met and why has Petro been paying rehab fees for him? Diana will have a lot of explaining to do once she gets back from her massage at Li Chung’s Happy Endings. Will the return of Petro also signal the return of Melanie and Sanchez?

*Enter cheap jazz music*

Stay tuned to what happens next in the Days of our Mountain Bikes!

*Fade to commercial on buying the inauguration broadcast, which was broadcast for free on Saturday, from the national broadcaster (DUH!)*

Wendy The Mom

Dusi Mfula 2009

WOW! I’ve just read that nearly 700 riders have entered the Jonsson Dusi Mfula 2009, which takes place on 6-7 June, between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, along the route of the celebrated Dusi Canoe Marathon.

It’s looking quite interesting with 203 CEO’s of companies riding over 275 senior managers competing. Maybe that weekend will your best bet to sneak into the company and catch up on all the work you’ve been postponing?

The Dusi Mfula is not about winners and losers, it’s more of a social event than anything else. So if you’re a hardcore cyclist, don’t be upset if others aren’t competing as hard as you.

I think I should suggest to my boss that I’ll ride on the same team as him…When we win (which we naturally will), I’ll ask him about that raise I think I deserve. Perhaps, a Nando’s burger will also help sweeten the deal MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

For further info, please visit

Bandaged Jack

Amarider 100 Miler

The Western Cape is getting another first in MTB this weekend, because the inaugural Amarider 100 Miler is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 16th May.

This endurance event, which takes place over 160 km, will begin in Durbanville and end in Paarl. The Amarider 100 Miler will prove to be incredibly gruelling even for the most seasoned of cyclists. But hey, look at the bright side – you’ll go on a lovely tour of the Swartland and Cape Winelands while you sweat.

Riders will also have the opportunity of competing either as individuals (Solo) or as relay teams of 3 (Relay).

The organisation arranging this event is AMA Rider (The African Mountain Bike Association). They are a mountain bike advocacy organisation aimed at improving mountain bike opportunities on the African continent (Two thumbs up! Ricky loves you).

Entries for the event have already closed, but MTB Shorts thinks you should still head out and support this wonderful initiative.

For further information, please go to

Ricky in Spandex

Trail Arguments with the Devil

Ugh! Somebody bring me coffee! I’m still not over Sunday…it was supposed to be Mother’s Day, but the devil-in-law managed to bring her own slice of hell into the home and ruin that too.

I really despise that woman!

Can you believe this? She knows absolutely nothing about mountain biking (yes, even less than me), but insists on arguing with me about it.

We were discussing the merits of trails and how South Africa has some of the best routes around for MTBers, when the devil piped up and said, “They’re all the same.”

I turned to her, in absolute shock, and cockily said, “Besides the scenery, conditions, ability levels, length, and layout – yeah, they are all the same.”

Noticing that she was losing the argument, the troll said, “Well, at the end of the day, if you cycle around the garden for a couple of kilometres, you’re doing the exact same thing…”

At this moment, Hubby grabbed the coffee mug I was about to throw at the old hag and sent me down to the shop to get “some more groceries” – it’s our special code for getting Wendy out the house before she kills the old bat.

The one thing I hate more than stupid people is ignorant people who think they know it all! Hiss! Hiss! Meow! Argh!

Wendy The Mom

Nissan UCI MTB World Cup Round 2

Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Steve Peat pulled out all the stops to record his 16th career victory in the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, at the second round in La Bresse, France. By doing so, Peat has matched the all time record set by French rider Nicolas Vouilloz and taken the lead in the World Cup standings.

Peat managed to take first place by 1.27 seconds from his closest competitor Sam Hill. Finishing up top three was GT Bicycles’ Mick Hannah. Our local boy, Greg Minnaar, was unfortunately found further down the field, yet he still managed to hold onto third place in the World Cup standings board.

In the ladies section, Maxxis – Rocky Mountain’s Sabrina Jonnier beat World Cup leader Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) by over 5 seconds to give the crowd a French win.

Wow, yesterday’s round sounded like a real explosive affair. I, myself, experienced a great result with my cycling club yesterday. I beat Fred by over 6 seconds, finished in first place, claimed my prize of a chutney boerewors roll, and didn’t injure myself for the first time this year – SCORE!

For full results of the Nissan UCI MTB World Cup, please visit

Bandaged Jack


Days of our Mountain Bikes Part 20

Like dropped phone calls and non-existent 3G, so are the days of our mountain bikes…

In today’s episode of Days of our Mountain Bikes titled ‘Kish Me, Shweetie’, Julian starts to get closer to Mike. After a beer one night, Julian moves over and tries to kiss Mike, who absolutely freaks out and tells him, “Yo man! I’m not a Jonas Brother, I don’t swing that way!” Julian runs after Mike telling him he’s got something important to tell him, but Mike has disappeared already. What does Julian want to tell Mike?

Whitney writes Tobias a note, telling him she knows about him being her real father. She drops it off in his mailbox and then runs away, vowing to never return (psssht…yeah right! Episode thirty – ‘The Return of Whitney’). Tobias reads the letter and remains heartbroken. He’s all alone and has a ginger child – can life get any worse? Will Tobias finally move on or will he wallow in his misery?

Hel-Met begins to rid himself of his EPO addiction, but at the same time he is now developing an undesirable need for energy bars. Diana thinks she may just lose her little adopted boy to the authorities if they find out that he has an addiction problem. Will Hel-Met kick all his addictions or will he pull a Britney and have a meltdown first?

*Enter cheap jazz music*

Stay tuned to what happens next in the Days of our Mountain Bikes!

*Fade to commercial on the new Hugh Jackman film (drool)*

Wendy The Mom