On Saturday at the track, I saw this guy with the ‘kiffest’ pair of pink, heart-shaped sunglasses! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was douche bag live and in the flesh – let’s not forget his manicured hands and perfectly waxed legs either *vomit*

Wise words

Scary :/

However, this idiot got me thinking of how important it is to actually buy athletic-specific sunglasses, which will serve to optimise your vision in any environment. It is crucial to find glasses with a lens coating that prevents rain, skin oils and debris from building up around the lens. They must also be comfortable and allow for a cooling flow of air.

And essentially they must be practical and safe for usage. Heart-shaped sunglasses aren’t exactly all the above, are they now?



So if you ever see this douche bag at any MTB event, please follow him around with a camera, because he is gonna fall flat on his ass one of these days and his pink sunglasses are going to break his heart *Evil laugh*

Marky Mark

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