Splattered brains

Well the devil-in-law, or should I say troll-in-law, came for her monthly visit (and the routine suck-the-soul-out-of-Wendy ritual) this past weekend.

Needless to say, she managed to irritate me once again for the billionth time. Here’s what happened…

Devil: Oh Wendy, I must tell you that I saw the loveliest cycling helmet for children yesterday…

Me: Oh really? Where? What brand were they? Giro? Met?

Devil: None of those fancy shmancy brands, dear. They were these beautiful ones imprinted with stars and butterflies.

Me: Hmmm…I’ve never seen any of those at the cycle shop. Helmets should really be of high quality in case you fall – wouldn’t want brains to be splattered on the floor.

Devil:  Don’t be so dramatic, dear. The Asian gentlemen at the store assured me they were safe and of high quality.

Me: What store are you talking about?

Devil: The fleamarket. Those helmets were really a steal at that price.

I sighed. People, please please please, don’t buy low quality helmets for your children! Even if they look cute, make sure that they are a recognised brand and have the essential safety features. All superior helmets should have a quality guarantee sticker or card, and listing of all the safety features.

I had to learn the hard way! Remember that WWE helmet we bought for Mikey a few months ago? A piece of crap! Luckily he didn’t split his head open when he fell on the grass!

Wendy The Mom

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