Spinning is NOT like MTB

Petrol price has come down in the last few weeks, so you all know what that means – mommy van is back in full operation. The Wendy taxi is now officially back to work transporting the neighbourhood kids. I guess that means I won’t have any more excuses about visiting the mother-in-law either – drat and double drat!

But I’ve got to be honest; I loved the fact that petrol was so expensive. It allowed me the opportunity to give cycling a real chance (got to spend more time in the outdoors) and it prevented hubby from inhabiting Kyalami every weekend.

Stupid hubby has been asking why I don’t just try spinning classes instead. He says that it also involves a bicycle. Sometimes, I have to force myself to remember why I married this man. Spinning is NOT like MTB. Spinning is NOT like MTB. I’m sure you get the message now. I’m sorry I refuse to go to the sweaty, stinky, spinning class next to the KFC. Look at this picture below, is that ass sweat I see – EEEEUUUUUUWWWWWWW!

I fear for my cycling regime now that petrol is affordable again. Right now, if you could see me I’m snivelling on my webcam, kind of like in the Blair Witch Project, minus the snot and the boring plot.


Wendy The Mom

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