Spicing up MTB!

We’ve all agreed that MTB may need a certain personality or injection of enthusiasm to breakthrough as a top sport like soccer, rugby or motorsport, yet nobody has had any real ideas except the Hulk Hogan one by Ricky (sigh).

Well, here’s my idea in the picture below :D

Hot girl + bike = success

Hot girl + bike = success

Yes! Sex does indeed sell and look how hot the err… bike is :D

Guys, tell me you don’t have the sudden urge to go and buy a mountain bike now?

Another idea could be the introduction of “dirt girls” – you know like the pit girls in Formula 1 that could serve the cyclists refreshments or energy bars, but obviously in spandex!

This is not a sexist post, but rather a realistic one. Whenever sexy, beautiful women have been attached to a sport, the interest suddenly skyrockets – look at beach volleyball, for example. It’s not my fault, we’re all naturally ooglers :D

Bandaged Jack

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