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So last night, hubby and I had the crew over for a New Years braai/party/drunken debacle, and Sandra*, our single friend, starts talking about how hard it is to meet guys nowadays.

She went on about how she’s tried speed dating, Facebook, and even blind dates, but all these guys turn out to be jobless freaks or even worse – people working in government (oooh, that comment must’ve burnt).

So I say, “Hey Sands, why don’t you try mountain biking? It’s a great way to just meet people in a nice, social setting and get fit at the same time?”


Gosh, you're pretty!

Sandra: Bitch please, I don’t do sweating!

Me: It get’s you fit, chick!

Sandra: No ways! I don’t care and besides I’m not getting with a man who wears spandex. It’s gross, just like Speedos.

Me: Fine, stick to your perfect bachelors on Facebook. I hope their photos are real too!

Needless to say, this was an argument I wasn’t going to win with airhead Sandra, who has the intelligence of a circus monkey with cymbals. But hey, on a serious not, MTB is really a fantastic way to socialise and network with some dynamic people.

Whoever said that the boring golf course is the place to strike business deals must’ve been on drugs, MTB trails are definitely a better and more exciting alternative.

*name has been changed to protect the stupid

Wendy The Mom

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