Simply Nutty!

Last night, the ladies decided to have a girl’s night, where we gossiped about the latest television hotties and consumed large amounts of red wine.

A few exhausting drunk hours later, the ladies finally flowed out my house, except for Michelle, who stayed a while longer. We started chatting about how we wished we had the energy we had when we were younger.

I told her I’d love to be 20 years old again and hit those nasty uphills on my routes. At my age, I feel like I may just peg at any moment climbing those abominations!

Michelle suggested I try eating an energy bar before I ride, which isn’t a bad idea if they weren’t practically the same price as 200g rump steak!

That’s when I decided to hit the net and research what I can intake to increase my energy. After finding some disgusting options, such as rice cakes and rye crisp-bread, I eventually found something worthy of my taste buds and stomach – a peanut butter sandwich.

Peanut butter provides carbohydrates, protein and valuable fats. It’s also very rich in Vitamin E, which is a valuable antioxidant that helps counteract the harmful free radicals produced during exercise. Besides that, it’s tasty :D

No wonder the kids always have so much energy all the time, they are balls of peanut butter inspired energy!

Wendy The Mom

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