Signed, sealed and delivered

Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez has signed a 4 year contract with the Giant Italia team. After a successful; last season, it seems like Gutierrez has done enough to secure his position at the team until 2012, with an option of another year after that.

Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez

Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez

My expert analysis says that this guy is somebody to watch out for in the next UCI season and come the 2012 Olympics, he’ll be a big player with gold potential. What do you think, Naas?

Naas: But on the other hand, Ricky, he still needs to up his game to that of Christoph Sauser…

Naas is die man met 'n plan

Naas is die man met 'n plan

Oops, I forgot I’m not really a Supersport presenter and I just made up the last scenario :) But really now, Gutierrez is somebody to keep your eyes on, and remember you heard it from me first.

Ricky in Spandex

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