Sideshow Bob

Yesterday, I decided to head down to my local cycle shop to buy a new pair of gloves. My last ones were completely shredded after a tumble on the weekend. Moral of the story: don’t buy anything from Sportsman’s Warehouse!

I walked up to the counter where I saw a new dreadlocked employee, who looked a lot like Sideshow Bob – yellow, reddish brown hair and definitely a stoner.


Me: Hi. Could you perhaps help me find a new pair of gloves?

Sideshow Bob: Err…hi. Um…there lots of gloves on the shelf over there.

The shelves he pointed to were the ones containing ointment for blisters and sore feet.

Me: Ya…well, I kinda do need help, because I’m not so sure which gloves are the best.

Sideshow Bob: Err…they are all good quality ma’am.

Butthead was really starting to piss me off.

Me: Yes, I know. But I really NEED help in finding a decent pair. Can you maybe call someone else to help me.

Sideshow Bob: Err…

At that moment, I really expected him to say, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I please take your order?”

Me: Ag never mind…

I left the shop after that. I can’t believe the customer service industry in this country! It just gets worse and worse. Oh and by the way, never order a washing machine for delivery either. They can never tell when they’ll be able to deliver it – you must just be home all day. Best part – they don’t pitch up at all. Grrrrr….

Wendy The Mom

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