Shave your own legs!

I can’t believe it!

Yesterday, somebody called me a monkey at gym! All because I don’t shave my legs and prefer the natural hairy look. Grrrrr…

I'm a monkey's uncle!

I'm a monkey's uncle!

Okay, I know that most cyclists shave their legs for aerodynamics – and also to not have freaking painful ingrown hairs, when they bail off their bikes – but I can’t believe this trend has spread to the world!

You know what? I blame it all on one person!

The monster known as Beckham

The monster known as Beckham

Yes! David Beckham!

I blame that metrosexual for all the latest trends of men wearing nail polish, g-strings, shaving their legs and wearing that abomination of a colour known as pink!

I loathe you Beckham, for you have created a monster. Just because of you the cavemen look is no longer appealing. I have now been shunned by my peers to a life of isolation.

I cast upon you the worst curse known to metrosexuals – wrinkles! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wrinkly old bag

Wrinkly old bag

Marky Mark

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