Sabie Experience

Mpumalanga can start partying right now, because the Sabie Experience has just managed to score a cash boost from its latest sponsor York Timbers.

The Sabie has been ranked as one of the top South African cycling events for the past two years, but now after some much needed cash injection – it may just be elevated to THE top event in the country.

If that isn’t good enough news, just read some of the names of the other sponsors onboard for the 2008 edition of the race: M-Power FM, Nando’s, Powerade, Komatiland Forests, VW Commercial Vehicles and Honeystinger.

Woot! This is going to rock the socks off any MTB enthusiast!

This four-day event will take place from 13-16 December and will feature 900 participants battling it out to claim MTB glory.

I better start interviewing potential cycling partners aka drinking buddies to help make this event a kick-ass weekend.

Hopefully, our company closes a bit earlier so that I’ll be able to take part in this event. I don’t particularly feel like driving to Mpumalanga just for four days :(

Marky Mark

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