SA BMX rider badly injured

We don’t usually report on BMX riders on MTB Shorts, but this time around we really think it’s important that we do. Sadly though, it’s not good news.  

Local BMX sensation, Sifiso Nhlapo, had to undergo emergency surgery on Monday night after a crash, during a practice session in Norway, left him with two fractured vertebrae in his neck.

Initial reports claim that the surgery was successful *that’s fantastic news* and that he was talking to doctors after the operation, but no one is sure when he will be able to climb onto a bike again *but I know in my heart that he will*

Sifiso made international headlines when he reached the inaugural BMX final at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Since then he’s been on a hot streak claiming a bronze medal at the 2008 World Championships, and is currently No. 1 in Europe and No. 4 in the world.

From everyone at MTB Shorts, we wish Sifiso a speedy and healthy recovery.

For updates on Sifiso’s condition please visit

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