Ride Before you Buy report

Ride Before you Buy has to be one of the coolest ideas to hit SA shores in a loooooong time. The concept of test-driving bikes is extremely popular overseas, but up until this weekend, it was non-existent locally.

For just R60, you got to an awesome Bicycling T-shirt, water bottle, and opportunity to ride all the bikes on show.

Happy cyclist

Happy cyclist

The MTB Shorts team hit the event and as expected got up to mischief. From harassing promo girls to hiding in the grass pretending to be velicoraptors, we weren’t there just to test the bikes, but also everybody else’s nerves :)

Bandaged Jack forgot his bike at home!

Bandaged Jack forgot his bike at home!

The Northern Farm trail was a fantastic blend of bumps, greens and cows *I love cows, don’t you?*

Seasoned cyclists hit the track in full gear and a couple of amateurs also decided to brave the trail – so obviously there was no shortage of hilarious falls and curse words :)

Over the hill

Over the hill

One of the members of our MTB Shorts team even suffered a horror injury. Bandaged Jack got a one millimetre graze on his leg and he was in a panic to look for medical assistance, just in case “flies may lay eggs” in his leg :D

But the highlight of the weekend was the official search for our mascot in MTB Short’s Next Top Mascot. After much tears, heartache and thousands of entrants, we finally settled on Lance the cycling dog.

Aaaaah cute

Aaaaah cute

Many thanks must go out to MiWay and Bicycling for making this event possible. We can’t wait for the next one!

Marky Mark

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