Report on the Sabie Experience

Well, well, it seems like the 2008 York Timbers Sabie Experience has been decided before it’s actually over. Team DCM Chrome’s Max Knox and Brandon Stewart have already won 3 successive stages and are carrying a 20 minute lead going into today’s final stage.

So unless somebody decides to take performance enhancing drugs *cough* road cyclists *cough* I think this one is pretty much in the bag for Team DCM Chrome. And judging by the obstacles they’ve faced, they deserve every success that comes to them.

On Sunday, the team suffered a mechanical failure with Knox’s rear gear derailleur breaking and only leaving him with 4 gear options! Yesterday, they braved the chaotic Perfect Storm like conditions and somehow still managed to come out on top!

I can't hold it, Captain!

I can't hold it, Captain!

I think these guys need a round of applause from everyone. Yes, even from you sitting in front of your computer stalking your friends on Facebook!

Applause please

Applause please

*Clap, clap*

Oh yeah and I think I actually saw Tinker Juarez yippeekiyay! :D

Further info on the event

Ricky in Spandex

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