Report: Dirt Festival

Yesterday, the MTB Shorts team headed off to the Dirt Festival at Northern Farms nice and early. As expected, the event was packed and the terrain was extremely muddy from the rain. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t enter the event and just decided to walk along the trail and take photos of other cyclists.

The plan was simple. Get a few snaps of the cyclists and then head back to the start to get some food and water into our systems – since none of us had had breakfast that morning.

Unfortunately, stupid Mark (yes, Mark, you are an idiot!) decided it would be fun to run through the trail and try scare cyclists with his Scream killer mask.

Mark the idiot

Mark the idiot

Luckily, no cyclist saw him, but he did manage to get us completely lost because we were chasing him around.

We climbed over some brick wall and walked on a tight, little ledge. We had to take our shoes off and cross a slippery river-flow of water. Yesterday people, we were competitors in Survivor!

Lost in nature

Lost in nature

We must’ve walked a good 30km to get back to base. We were so pissed off and hungry. No food or water was present and we had to walk in the blistering heat! Mark thought this was quite funny and started cracking jokes. In anger, I threw a pinecone at him that just missed his head by a few millimetres – I wished it hadn’t missed.

Nonetheless, thanks to a friendly navigation-orientated cyclist, we got back to the base after everybody else had finished their events. So don’t even bother asking me who won or whatever – I swear I’ll bite you!

P.S. Photos of the event will be up by the middle of this week

Bandaged Jack

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