Reality Racing

Can somebody please tell me what the point of watching a Comrades Marathon is? All I see is people running around for an entire day – gimme the highlights package instead pleeeeaaaaase…

Now what I’d really want to watch is the new reality online television series called The Atherton Project, which is sponsored by Red Bull. The series will track the adventures of the famous racing siblings Dan, Gee and Rachel as they blaze around the 2009 UCI World Cup series and the World Championships in Australia. Film maker Clay Porter promises to follow the siblings around the world and leave no aspect of family life untold.

You can check out the first episode at this link.

Well, it should definitely be better than other reality TV projects, such as Idols. Oh my word, it turned into a giant ball of crap. I actually feel sorry for the 2 finalists, because they will be the ones that ultimately suffer from the voting fiasco. Credibility has been flushed down the toilet along with any local reality productions, such as Big Brother.

How about we have a new reality TV show called Who Wants to Be Disgraced on National TV?

Marky Mark

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