Prank Call

I was feeling naughty yesterday and decided to end my boredom in the best way possible way – prank calling. Now I didn’t do the usual run of the mill rude ones like Hugh Jass, Mike Hunt or even Ben Down. No, I decided to come up with something clever and cycling related.



Here’s what happened when I phoned the local cycling shop, looking for theses people :)

Shop Assistant: *censored* cycling shop, Thabo speaking, how may I help?

Me: Hello Thabo, could I please speak to Dr. T. Rails? *that’s dirty trails for everyone*

Shop Assistant: Um…I’m sorry but there is nobody here by that name.

Me: Oh my, I’m terribly sorry. I meant Mr E. Vent *event*

Shop Assistant: Nope, nobody here under that name either…

Me: Mr L. Met? *helmet*

Shop Assistant: Nope, sorry buddy, I think you have the wrong….

Me: Okay, final one! Is there a Mrs B. Ike in the building? *bike*

Shop Assistant: No man, I’m sorry. I think you have the wrong number.

Me: Gees…and you call this a bike shop when you don’t know any of these people or should I say things! *put phone down*

I’m pretty sure that the Thabo must’ve had a chuckle when he thought about the names later on. Well, if he didn’t I certainly did :P Try it out, it’s fun and it works!

Marky Mark

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