Party around the clock

(Enter epic music)

The time is upon us…The Omni-Motion 24 Hour Race is happening this weekend! Whoopee freaking doo!

It’s time to set up camp and party with the MTB crew, because this is going to be an early Christmas on two wheels. I should start paying Northern Farm rent, because I’ve been there a helluva lot this year :D

I love Christmas!

I love Christmas!

Fred and I are cocked, locked and ready to unload on all you sorry sods who won’t be able to keep up with us :) We’ve sorted out the lights for the bikes and the helmets. A word of advice though, focus the lights on the path in front of you instead of looking down (duh). Fred ended up in the dam last year because of this slight mishap.

Who turned off the lights?

If you haven’t entered yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Click here and go register your team.

Further info

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