I know probably everyone is going to be blogging about the 94.7 Cycle Challenge, so I’ve decided to be unique and do something else – yay for originality!

Over the weekend, Hubby was nestled in front of the TV and watching soccer. Since the boys were at the monster-in-law, I decided to sit and join him.

Me: Who’s playing?

Hubby: Manchester United and Stoke City.

Me: What’s the score?

Hubby: 3 nil to United.

Me: Oh, doesn’t Cristiano Ronaldo play for United?

Hubby: Yeah, he does. He scored the first goal today.

Now, I must admit that I’m not really a soccer fan, but that I always thought that Ronaldo boy was some grade A meat. However, he quickly did something that made me rethink my lust for him.

A player from the opposing team tackled him, and he dropped to the ground like a gunshot victim in Vietnam! My word, somebody give him an Oscar for that performance!

This is when I realised that soccer players are such pansies. If you look at the MTB world, we fall over a million times and unless anything is broken, you dust yourself off and get back on the bike. Soccer players must be related to lawnmowers, because they’re constantly eating grass after their latest dive.

Come on guys, go register yourselves at diving clubs instead of playing soccer!

Wendy The Mom

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