Omni-Motion 24-Hour Race

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m over the freaking moon! The ‘Woodstock’ of MTB is happening very soon! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, where have you been for the last 9 years? It’s the Omni-Motion 24-Hour Race!


It’s going to be an entire day of absolute endurance, where only the best of the best of the best compete – naturally, I’ll be there. I’ve already entered Fred and I as a 2 Rider Team, and we’re going to completely dominate as the dynamic duo – the Batman and Robin of MTB, baby!


It’s actually quite a sweet deal. We pay R430 for the team and it covers the event entry, camping facilities, medical assistance, energy drinks station, race pack and a medal for every single rider (So now even Fred may finally get one :) just kidding, buddy).

I better not forget to bring some extra cycling clothes. Let’s just say the last time I competed at one of these events, I didn’t win any awards for my body odour.


Starting at Northern Farm in Gauteng, on the 6 December at 12h00, it’s going to be a non-stop, action-packed, adventure ride! I’ll see you all there…

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