Off-road vs. MTB

Stupid Fred! Stupid, stupid, stupid Fred!

Next time your friends recommend you go quad-biking on a weekend, tell them to go jump off a bridge!

Early Sunday morning, Fred calls me…

Fred: Hey Jack, I know we’re supposed to go to the MTB track today, but my friend Hannes has invited us to ride a couple of quad bikes with him. Come, let’s go!

Me: I don’t know, Fred. I’m not really good at riding those things…

Fred: No man, it’ll be fun. What could possibly go wrong?

Two hours and fifty four minutes later, Jack is on the floor with a broken shoulder and a bike with a seized engine. Apparently, some quads aren’t that great when it comes to ditches! What the hell are they for then? Huh?

A visit to the emergency room followed, and that was about as pleasant as doughnuts covered in fish paste. Hospital staff are such miserable sods on the weekend – you ask them a question and they just ignore you!

Will I ever go quad-biking again if my shoulder ever cures? No thank you, I still prefer my all natural two-wheeled speciality! Bless the soul of the creator of Myprodol!

Bandaged Jack

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