New Helmet

Yesterday, I decided to invest in a new helmet. I was tired of carrying that giant potato on my head – it was time to start riding with some style and class!

Hubby and I headed off to the bike store yesterday and spoke to the sales guy there. He said that it’s important to find a helmet that is both comfortable, durable, heavy duty and with enough air ventilation.

He then proceeded to show us a range of helmets and left me to decide which one I liked. And this was the cue for hubby to pipe up.

Hubby: I don’t know Wends, I don’t really like any of these helmets…

Me: Why not? I think they look fine.

Hubby: Well, I don’t know they all seem a bit bland. I was thinking of something more fun.

This is when I began to panic. The picture below is probably his idea of a fun cycling helmet.

Um…how about no. I decided to give hubby some money and send him off to the arcade, while I made a decision – surprisingly, it was quite easy to get rid of him.

I ended up finding the perfect helmet, which I still think is both trendy and safe. As long as it keeps my brains in tact, I’m happy – who would look after the children if I was incapable? Hubby? Hell no!

I definitely think I’m ready to burn up the dirt catwalk with this new accessory :)

Wendy The Mom

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