Naked Run

Whoa! I just found the craziest bike race ever! It’s called the World Naked Bike Run, and as the name suggests you ride naked! Obviously, this isn’t an MTB event, because you wouldn’t want stones or sand up certain crevices that may lead to enemas *did I just say that?*

I know I’ve always dreamt about having a hat, tie and no pants, but this is just insane!

I can just see some pervs climbing onto their bikes to sneak a peak at the ladies (or even the men) cycling at the event. It’s like a nudist colony on bicycles *can anyone say fetish?*

Interestingly enough, the organisers urge you to paint your body and customise your bike – so you can now pimp your ride and your nipples *woot, woot*

Oh well, if you’re interested in this err…event, you can check out their official website here, but please realise that some of the pics are NSFW! So don’t get yourself fired for looking at somebody’s ass!

Marky Mark

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