MTN National XCM #2

You better find a babysitter for the weekend, because the MTN National XCM #2 is coming to Chandelier, Oudthoorn, Southern Cape this Sunday, 26th April.

mtn-logoThis event is considered one of the most prestigious and rigorous races in South Africa that draws top cyclists from around the world to come and compete on the world-class tester. I’m pretty sure the beautiful scenic ride through the Little Karoo region is also a major deciding factor when choosing this event.

Hubby also said that it is a fantastic terrain for Jeep riding, but I told him that he is NOT driving a big car again after he overturned our friend Dale’s Landcruiser two years ago. Dale had to lie to his insurance company that he was driving and had a slight accident because of my husband’s stupidity! Hubby must just stick to his 1.6 Opel Corsa for a very long time!

For more details and to enter the event, click here. Make sure you enter online by the 22 April – that’s tomorrow! Yikes! Hurry up!

Wendy The Mom

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