MTN National Marathon Series – First Leg

Brace yourselves for a weekend of immense action as the first leg of the 2009 MTN National Marathon Series kicks off in Barberton, Mpumalanga, on Saturday 24 January.

It’s expected that over a thousand cyclists will be gearing up for the first real test of the season at Barberton High School – so please don’t bring any liquor or the kids may just polish it all off for you :P

There will be some brand new routes for the MTN National Marathon and Miway National 1/2 Marathon, which will thrill and delight all the crazy MTBers infiltrating Mpumalanga.

There’s also going to be an epic clash of the titans, when Burry Stander and Kevin Evans face-off to determine who really is the king of Barberton. Each has won a race in the previous years and this year could prove pivotal in being the tiebreaker.

So best get your toosh into gear because this race is going to be starting nice and early on Saturday morning. Riders briefing is at 06h45 and the race begins at 07h00!

So early....need coffee...zzz

So early....need coffee...zzz

Ricky in Spandex

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