MTN National Cup and Vernon Koekemoer

It was no real surprise to see Burry Stander whoop everybody else’s ass at the first round of the MTN National Cup at Stellenbosch on Saturday. He won the event by seven minutes over his closet rival Renay Goustra, who finished the race in 2:22:29.

Anyhow, this event got me thinking – wouldn’t it be great if Vernon Koekemoer was a cyclist?! Yes, yes, I know it’s a random thought, but hear me out. He already has the shorts and the kiff hair, all he really needs is a bike. He doesn’t even need a helmet, because let’s be honest – no brain, no pain.

Vernon rocks bru!

Vernon rocks bru!

So today, I’m officially starting the Make Vernon an MTBer petition. Please read below, print out this page, sign it and forward this page’s link to all your friends.

Make Vernon an MTBer

I, …………… wish to fully pledge my undying allegiance to the ‘Make Vernon an MTBer’ cause.

I have recognised the potential humour value of seeing a grown man with a mullet, tight shorts and Buffalos on a bicycle, and therefore swear to point and laugh if I see Vernon Koekemoer on a mountain bike.

However, I also swear not to hurl any obscene language at Mr. Koekemoer, no matter how ridiculous or bizarre he may act or look.

(Sorry, the last statement was something the lawyers suggested – apparently, Vernon has feelings too)

Great, now join the cause and bring Vernon to the two-wheeled world, bru ek se.

Marky Mark

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