MTB World Cup

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano, is almost upon us! From 10-12 April, Pietermaritzburg better prepare itself for a cycling extravaganza that is going to rock South Africa like never before!

The best part about the MTB World Cup is that it’s going to be held over the Easter weekend, so it’s officially public holiday time and everyone can come down and watch. Forget about the stupid Jokefest, with boring bands like Snoring Patrol and Pillow For My Valentine, rather spend a minimum of R30 and watch the supreme cycling event of the year. You’re gonna be able to get up close and see some of the top cyclists in the world in action.

So you better hurry up and get tickets, because they are selling out like chocolate cake at fat camp.

You can purchase tickets through the official event website at as well as at the event itself.

It’s going to be a skill, speed, and power frenzied affair! I can’t wait for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup!

Bandaged Jack

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