MTB Movies

Hey peeps, I’ve been wasting company time once again searching the internet for anything that may slightly amuse or entertain or fast-forward the clock to 4.30pm. So guess what? I found some more cool stuff to share with all of you reading my pointless blogging

Ever since YouTube got bought out by Google, I’ve found that more and more videos are disappearing, instead of anything new being uploaded. The only new things really being uploaded are stupid kids picking their noses or movie trailers. This is probably because now that there is a huge corporation in charge of the site, people can finally sue a huge public figure for copyright infringements.

So if you were one of those people who spend countless hours on YouTube searching for mountain bike videos – don’t bother going there anymore. Instead try an alternative called MTB Movies, which caters specifically for MTBers looking for videos and pics.

What’s even better is that you can post your own videos or pics to share with the world. So head on over to the MTB YouTube *so to speak* and enjoy some awesome action on two wheels.

Click here to visit MTB Movies.

Marky Mark

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