MTB interest in the US

I read a shocking piece of news on Cycling News today. MTB interest in the Eastern US is declining 0_o

What is wrong with these people? Is the whole world going through an intelligence recession as well? And to top it all off, some bonehead called Daniel McDonald, who is a member of USA Cycling’s ProTour committee, says it’s no cause for alarm and he’s giddy about the decline! WTF!

You really need to go and read that news piece. Click here (it’s about halfway down the page) and then continue reading below.

The strongest will survive

The strongest will survive

The reporter did make a valid point when he/she said that mountain biking has “essentially split into two separate sports” that being cross-country and freeriding. Perhaps, it’s the old case of evolution, where you give humans too many options and they get freaking confused. If a monkey gets two bananas, he/she eats both instantly without any hassle or thought. If a human gets two choices, they fret over which to do first and most often do none.

I’m still glad that the MTB events in South Africa are filled with many MTBers. I couldn’t imagine living in a world without spandex and two wheels.

Bandaged Jack

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